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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Garage Sale- One mans junk is another mans treasure!

The last couple of weeks, our family has been preparing for our garage sale that will be held on June 7. In these days of everyone being green and environmentally concious, it is a great way to recycle your unwanted items.One mans' junk, is another mans' treasure, so the saying goes! The kids all went through their belongings, and my husband and I have gone through every room, cupboard and closet in our house with a fine tooth comb, hauling out unused and unwanted items. It certainly is amazing the amount of stuff that you can collect, and the amount of stuff that you do not even use! It has been very therapeutic, clearing out the unwanted clutter, it really makes you feel like you are accomplishing something. As well we have ended up with alot more space in our closets and cupboards, therefore being able to organize the things we DO want alot better. We have held several garage sales over the years, and we also love to cruise other peoples yard and garage sales as well, so we like to think of ourselves as being somewhat experts on this subject. So I thought I would create a list on what it takes to hold a successful garage sale, if you are thinking of having one.
1. First of all, plan and organize your sale well ahead of the date planned, 3 or 4 weeks in advance is not too early to start going through your home looking for items to put into the sale. Make sure you have enough quality items to make it worth your while. I cannot tell you how many garage sales I have attended that are just pathetic. Sellers sitting around all day...or all weekend, to sell a small table of worthless junk!
2. If your neighbourhood is having a parade of sales, get in on that date, as you will usually get alot more people turning up on the day of your sale.
3. Plan to advertise in your local papers, and put up ads on your community bulliten boards.
4. Make sure all your items are in good repair, and CLEAN! Be sure all games, toys and puzzles have all the pieces, and be sure to have a electrical outlet handy for customers to check electrical appliances.
5. Price your merchandise reasonably, with a bit of room to negotiate. Do not overprice your items, remember this is a garage sale, and you do not want these things anymore!
6. Organize your merchandise into categories, grouping similiar items together. All toys in one area, kitchen items together, and guy stuff in another corner. Lots of people attend garage sales looking for specific things, so it makes it quick and easy for them to see what you have for sale. If someone isn't looking for anything specific, then they can easily browse your merchandise. Have a .25 cent box, or a free box, which is great for kids shopping with their allowance.
7. Have money for giving change to customers, lots of coins and small bills, but keep it on you. One of those pouches that strap around your waist works well.
8. Be sure to make several LARGE , CLEARLY PRINTED , signs to put around your neighbourhood on the night before, or morning of your sale. Make sure your printing is bold enough that the sign can be read, while someone is driving by. Have lots of good signs directing traffic to your house. Many times my husband and I have given up looking for a place due to poor signage, or lack of directions. Remember alot of your traffic will be from people just driving through the area.
9. Open on time, or a few minutes early, and be ready. Most of your sales will be within the first two hours of opening.
10.Be prepared to make deals, and throw in an extra item if someone buys alot of items.
11. When your sale is over, pack up any remaining items and donate them to charities. We have a rule that we don't bring anything back into our house!
12. Count your money, and go and treat yourselves to dinner out!

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