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Monday, May 12, 2008

Snow Day

In my last post, I mentioned that we were experiencing more snowfall, and I was dreaming of the west coast. Well it snowed all day last Thursday, and then into the night. We awoke Friday morning to a very wintery sight, about a foot and a half of snow everywhere, plus we had no power! It is funny how we all of a sudden fall apart, when the electricity is gone. No dishwasher, no washing machine, of course no lights, music or T.V, but most coffee and no blow dryer! After my husband used the snow blower to clear our long winding driveway, and the snow plow cleared the roads, we drove into town and filled up on breakfast bagels and fresh brewed coffee, from the coffee shop. We brought back hot coffee and tea to our neighbour as well, and my husband continued to clear her driveway and another neighbours' as well. Apparently a large spruce tree had come down in our area, and fallen into the power lines, resulting in the loss of elecricity to all the acreages in our vicinity. Finally, the power came back on about noon, and life went back to normal once again. My thoughts did wander, to how people must have lived a hundred years ago, and how different their daily routine was, compared to ours, and how we take electricity for granted, until you don't have it! Pin It

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