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Thursday, September 25, 2008


"Rapture", named after the classic Blondie song, is a necklace that I made awhile back, that is currently for sale in my Etsy shop. If you are a lover of vintage beads, as I am, this one is for you! I am passionate about vintage beads, and absolutely adore vintage Swarovski crystals! You can read more about vintage Swarovski crystals from one of my posts back in May.The sparkle, that they give off is incredible and certainly cannot be captured in these photos. The focal of this pretty necklace, is a sapphire and topaz colored flower combining two spectacular vintage Swarovski crystals from the 1950's. The remainder of the piece is made up of a combination of vintage ivory glass pearl leaves, more stunning Swarovski crystals, again from the 50's, contemporary Swarovski glass pearls in a soft buttery yellow, and gold beads. Portions of this necklace have gold wire coils running throughout the beads..hence the title "Rapture". I always picture Marilyn Monroe wearing this!!
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Michelle Gartner said...

I love this necklace- I wish I had the money to snap it up... I am so broke with the five kids and the economy. I love vintage beads- I sell some decent huge lots of them of them on eBay- and I always think I will get around to making some jewelry myself, but never the time.

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