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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ugandan Beads

Today, as I was surfing the net, checking out some of my favourite sites for online bead shopping, I came across Titan Beads and Artisan Studio. Listed for purchase were Ugandan beads..."Ugandan beads, what are those!" I thought to myself. So I read the story about Ugandan beads and about the Acholi women of Uganda, who make these fabulous colorful beads from recycled paper. The women and their families have been forced to flee Northern Uganda due to the terrible war that has ravaged their country, and have resettled into the capital city of Kampala, where they work in dangerous rock quarries crushing stone, earning 65 cents a day. Even some of the children work here to make money so that the families can eat. Titan beads are working with these women to create a fair market for their handmade beads. Every bead purchased goes to support these women and their families in Uganda. These beads come in different sizes and shapes and colors, and I am definately going to be buying some. I hope all of you jewelry artists will take the time to check out Titan Beads, and read the article. Perhaps you can use some Ugandan beads in your designs!
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