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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thankyou...thankyou very much!

This afternoon I was visiting some of my favourite blogs, dropping my entrecards, when all of a sudden one of my creations was staring back at me! I was visiting the Art Zoo blog... when there it was my "Gypsy Bracelet" featured front and center! Wow...what a great surprise...Thankyou Art Zoo! There are some fabulous crafters and artisans featured daily on this blog. Check it out!

As well I have to thank Marylou (Time2cre8) and Jo (Unique You) for their wonderful suggestions, and inspiring me to organize my jewelry designing area earlier this week. I wanted it to look like a candy store with the beads being visible in containers, so that I could easily see all of my supplies. It was alot of work, but it looks great and I am now ready for the busy (hopefully!) season ahead. Thankyou ladies...your suggestions were greatly appreciated, and as promised here are the pics.
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1 comment:

:-) MaryLou said...

Your organization looks great! It's like a work of art with all those little jars, and the stemmmed glasses are a great touch.

My beads are all jealous as they sit in their plastic containers...

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