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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Far Away Friend

Today, I was catching up on some of the blogs that I read regularly, and when I visited Rebecca Werners' blog, also known as Fira Marina, I noticed that she had posted some photos of three of my bracelets that I created incorporating the fabulous beads that she makes! I was so excited, as I am such a fan of her fabulous little works of art, that I felt so honored that she was pleased with the way in which I used her beads in my jewelry designs. Rebeccas' beads are very unique, and have a wonderful organic, yet funky feel to them. I love how she uses color as well. The neatest thing is that she is self taught, her designs are truly creations from her heart and soul. I feel very fortunate to have met Rebecca on line, and although I admire the artist that she is, I also feel that she is a great friend as well...even though we are thousands of miles apart....she is in Louisianna, USA and I am in Alberta, Canada. Thanks Rebecca! Pin It

1 comment:

Fira Marina said...

Thank you so much Susan!!! This was a very nice surprise! I JUST now saw your post! Nothing's slow about me at all! ; )

Actually I've been meaning to take a look at your blog! It's really cool!!! AND... thank you so much again!!! That means a lot to me!

You are a dear friend and I'm grateful to know you!

Next summer I may be moving to your summer home looks perfect! You could get tired of me! Just kidding!

Have a great week!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for being so sweet! : )

Rebecca ; )

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