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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spring trends 2010

It is not too early to start thinking about Spring when it comes to Fashion. The Spring lines are already starting to arrive into the shops, and even though it is just a trickle at the moment, more and more will be arriving weekly, and usually by May, stores are fully stocked with their Spring and Summer lines. An easy way to update your wardrobe each year, is to buy some key accessories to give your outfits a fresh and current look. A new purse, new shoes and jewelery in the latest colors and designs will instantly add pizazz to clothes that you already own. According to Panatone, the colors for Spring are as follows:

Turquoise- is supposed to be a key color for this season...good news for all you jewelry designers out there!

Pink champagne- is a very pale pinky peach tone, almost a neutral, which I have already seen in the stores.
Coral -is another color that I have seen starting to emerge in the shops, this color gives a lovely glow to your face!

Dried Herb- is the name for this green shade, which I have yet to see in the stores.

Violet- a lighter shade of the purples and plums that were so popular in Fall 2009 ...this is one of my favorites, and I think this again will be a popular color with a lot of people this season.

Eucalyptus- a soft pretty green, a lovely neutral.

Tuscany- actually a variation on beige... again a nice basic neutral color for cotton pants, skirts & shorts.

Amparo blue- I also predict this color will be huge this season. I have already seen a lot of this in the stores, in everything from T- shirts to strappy shoes! I believe many people love blue, and can wear this eye catching shade.

Tomato Puree- I love this exciting, bold color! Not for everyone, but great in shoes and accesories to add a punch of color to those neutrals!

Aurora- A bright yellow, again great for punching up those neutral shades. I am not a big fan of yellow myself, and it is a difficult color for some people to wear. I think this will be one of those colors you will see in the sale rack at the end of the season....just my opinion but who knows!

Next post I will bring you all up to speed on the fashion trends and hot styles, in jewelry for Spring 2010! Pin It


Cindy said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to share the Spring Trends!! I rarely have time to do this kind of research and it's good to know. I happen to LOVE the colors you've shown here (of course that turqoise is my all-time favorite!). Hope you're having a WONDERFUL day!! :-)

Lin said...

Okay, I'm ready for some spring colors!! I'm tired of all my dark drab clothes and we still have a long way to go yet.

Catherine said...

Lovin' some of those colors! I'm going shopping in Regina on Saturday. Going to Michael's ~ so excited ~ perhaps I will see some of those beautiful colors.

Crazy warm here ~ are you blowing a chinook my way? I hope so! :)

xxoo Catherine

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Always great to stay on top of the trendy colors as a designer!

BeadedTail said...

I'm ready for spring and I like all the new color trends too!

Anonymous said...

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