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Friday, March 26, 2010

Blogger Templates

Ok, so how many of you on Blogger were playing around with your blog designs today? Well as you can see I was! How exciting...I  have often thought about changing the look of my blog, but was not sure how to go about it, probably way too tech for me! So I don't know if I am 100% sure about the new look, I like some aspects of it, but may tweak it a bit in the coming weeks. What do you think? Any suggestions? Pin It


raquel roysdon said...

Fresh for spring.

Nancy said...

Almost didn't recognize your blog. I'm too afraid to start playing with it yet.

overthetopaprons said...

mmmm .... I am not sure that this represents the beauty of your jewelry. I just visited your website and it is bold, dramatic ... and your jewelry definitely makes a personal statement. I visited the Bridal spot and that bracelet is stunning ... bold yet elegant .... I am wondering if your blog should not be a little more bold and elegant keeping with the statement of your jewelry. Just a thought

Hot Rocks said...

Thanks overthetopaprons! I took your comments to heart, you made some great points and I appreciate the feedback, and changed it again! I think that this one is a bit more subdued...yet has that lighter feel that I was going for.

sundownbeaddesigns said...

Of course I love it! This is the same one I chose only a different color.

Lin said...

It looks great!! I was surprised when I got here--such a new, clean, crisp look. I would add some color to your header--you are a colorful gal.

I just went through that "should I change it?" thing and decided not to just yet. I may just mix up the sidebar a bit when I get a minute or two.

BeadedTail said...

I like the color but the font color is very hard for me to read. The one on this post is darker so it's okay to read but on the last post I can barely see the words. Maybe it's my computer or it could be my eyes after spending 10 hours today preparing tax returns!

Oh, I always check out your Etsy mini so be sure to keep that!

John | English Wilderness said...

The new template looks great although personally I would have made the text a little bit darker.

I can read the light grey text of "Delaying Spring, in Lake Louise!" on my laptop, but it wouldn't be so easy on the monitor at work.

Catherine said...

I like it ~ very nice!

Hot Rocks said...

Thank you all for bearing with me over the last few days as U have played with this blog! I appreciate all yor comments which have helped me out a lot!

Hot Rocks said...
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