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Monday, March 29, 2010

Off to find Spring........

I am getting ready for a trip out to our other home on the west coast , where I am sure to find Spring. I cannot complain, our weather here in the foothills of the Rockies, has been fairly mild, no snow for a long time, and lots of warm sunny days. However, when you live here you learn not to be fooled by Mother Nature! She can throw a blast of winter weather at us any time she feels...and I do believe there are some flurries in the forecast later this week! The west coast weather is much milder, gentler and in full Spring mode where flowers are in bloom and trees are about to blossom.  I took this picture there last Spring. There is a childrens learning garden there, where they plant and take care of vegetables and flowers. I thought this display of painted boots was too cute...and hey Mr. Robin was posing too so how could I resist that great photo op! So I am taking an Easter break, with strolls on the beach. Before I go I hope to have my "Copacabana" bracelet finished and posted for you all to see. Remember that shoe calendar picture from a couple of weeks ago...well I am almost done! Thank you for your patience. I hope that all my readers have a happy Easter, and that you will have some quality time with your families like I am intending on doing. Pin It


Beadwright said...

Thanks and happy easter to you as well. Have a safe and fun trip.


BeadedTail said...

That photo is so cute! Hope you have a Happy Easter too! Enjoy your trip!

Hot Rocks said...

Thank you ladies!

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