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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Pass the cranberry sauce, please."


 Do I dare say that the "Holidays" are just around the corner? Well, for us Canucks here in Canada, our Thanksgiving is a mere 19 days away! Yep...we celebrate early here in Canada...before everything freezes up, and we can still get out and get our turkeys! ( Just kidding...we still get out even when there is a deep freeze and 4 feet of snow, coz we are a hardy bunch, eh?) Anyhow, Thanksgiving got me to thinking about food, which got me to thinking about turkeys, which in turn got me to thinking about cranberry sauce! So with that inspiration in mind, I created this little number, which started with the fabulous vintage  red beads, which reminded me guessed it....cranberries! There are a lot of other interesting bits and pieces in this bracelet, including some very cool and very old metal buttons,  handmade glass beads by UK artisan, Lorna Prime, Swarovski crystals, vintage beads from Czechoslovakia, freshwater pearls...and much more. All these were hand wired to a lovely vintage brass chain, for lots of movement..cha cha cha! Aptly named "Cranberry Cocktail" Pin It


Lin said...

Oooh, pass the cranberries, please!! :)

Jane Perala said...

Gorgeous bracelet!

Sweetwater Designs said...

very nice looks satisfyingly jangly! :-)
No turkey in the stores here..why? I know not. Maybe we just haven't found the right butcher.

Laura Trevey said...

Thanks for your comment on BB&B ~ it led me to your blog, and your jewelry is stunning!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love the gold paired with it:) What a rich palette. And I'll forgive you for talking about the holidays already:)

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