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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Taking a back seat

It is just 4 weeks until my first big show of the Holiday season. This is always such a busy time of year for anyone who does the Christmas arts and crafts show circuit. I still have so much to do, in terms of designing new pieces for this 3 day artisan sale. Plus, there is all the thought and prep that I need to put into creating my booth for the show. Thanksgiving is next weekend, and I am hosting the family for the big turkey dinner, which I enjoy doing...but it is more time away from the studio! I also still have to clean up the patio furniture, and get everything on the deck put away for winter....I am trying to put that off, because that really does signal that Summer is over, and Winter will be arriving soon.  Am I feeling a little time stressed? Do I have enough on my plate at the moment? You betcha!

 I also signed up for a "Get Ripped" fitness class, by Jari Love, that I go to 3 times a week. Yes.... she really does look as good as the photo! I really enjoy going to that class, getting my butt kicked and sweating it out! They say that getting regular exercise, really helps deal with stress so I am going to keep making my exercise time a priority. The blog may have to take a back seat for a few weeks, but I will try and post, and read my pals blogs as my time permits. Well must go and lock myself into the studio.

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Catherine said...

I am going to our annual "Fall into Christmas" craft show today. Over one hundred artists across the prairie provinces will be in our city today selling their crafts. I'm so excited! Tis the season for crafting to be sure.

Good luck hosting Thanksgiving - can you believe it is here so quickly again?

And have fun at your exercise classes - a good way to destress for sure!

xo Catherine

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting it all done Susan! And do enjoy your workout class:) That reminds me... I need to get to the pool today!!

Lin said...

Well, exercise may not eliminate the stress, but it will exhaust you so you don't care anymore. Hahaha!

Good luck in getting everything done! You are an incredible artist and jewelry designer--I'm sure you'll do fine.

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