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Sunday, September 11, 2011

We just got back from a wonderful weekend getaway, to Banff. I love going to Banff, we are so lucky to be so close to such a beautiful part of the world!  It was the hubbys birthday today....September 11th, which is not the greatest day to have a birthday any more, as the world is always filled with the reminders of that fateful day 10 years ago. However, none the less we, had a super time, with amazing summer like weather...HOT!  We actually went Geocaching for the first time, and had a blast. Out of  the  two hunts,  looking for the "cache", we found only one. The other one really stumped us, and we came out of the long, hot,  sweaty, uphill hike, with nothing. However, it was worth it, being outdoors and getting our exercise in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Rocky Mountains!  A superb weekend! Pin It


BeadedTail said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! Glad you had a great weekend in Banff! The hike sounds hot but fun and I'm sure it was gorgeous!

Duni said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! I know quite a number of people who's birthday it is on this fateful day. Happy for you that you spent the day in a positive way...must look up "Geocaching" ;-)

Catherine said...

That would be wonderful to live so close to such a beautiful part of the country. You can go visit whenever you like.

Happy Birthday to your hubby ~ I think it's good to be able to celebrate something special on that date.

Sounds like you had fun ~ good for you!
xo Catherine

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