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Thursday, October 16, 2008


Due to the fact that my earring selection was almost non existant, lately I have spent my jewelry making time replenishing my earring selection. I have a couple of shows coming up in November, and it is always smart to have more than enough earrings ready to sell. Earrings are the bread and butter of most jewelry designers, as they are usually the least expensive items in our collections. Customers who cannot afford a pricier bracelet or necklace, will usually spring for a fashionable pair of earrings, either for themselves or as a gift. I must admit, that earrings are not my favourite thing to make, I prefer the creative challenges that bracelets, and especially necklaces provide. However, it is fun to try and come up with something a little different in the earring category, which is what I have strived for in these latest little creations! Oh.... and check out my new "Link to Me" button on the right hand side. Sheila, of Designs by Sheila, took my Entrecard image and created a button for me! Not only does she do buttons, but she also does wonderful banners, blog templates, headers etc. Please check out her blog.
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ChatElaine said...

This is something I need to do as well. I quite agree with them being the bread & butter for us, Jewellery Designers that is! Must get some done I have 2 shows in November.

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