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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Ugandan beads

Well... last week, I received my order of Ugandan beads in the mail! I had written a post previously about these beads made out of recycled paper by Ugandan women, as a means to support their families. I ordered some different sizes and colors, and I think they will be a nice addition to some projects that I have in mind. I am also planning on making a necklace incorporating these unique lightweight beads. Then, at my Christmas open house in November, I will hold a silent auction for the necklace. The winning bidder will receive a lovely piece of jewelry, and 100% of the amount of the winning bid will be donated to a charity that goes to help these women and their families. I am quite excited about this event, and if it is successful, I hope to make the Hot Rocks silent auction charity, an annual event at my open house. Reading about these women in Uganda, and what they must endure on a day to day basis, really puts things into perspective, and makes me realize how fortunate we are living in a civilized country! Pin It


moxylyn said...

What a wonderful idea. I look forward to hearing how it goes!

Marcea said...

Wow that's pretty amazing (and noble of you)!! It's actually pretty crazy-- I've been following a blog of a woman with a very similar objective. She recently encountered the story of thirteen women in Uganda who had escaped guerrilla warfare in their region, lost their husbands, and subsequently had to turn to prostitution and working in quarries for little to no pay. But she's helping them now to raise money to build their own tailoring business ( -- and it's going pretty well! I'm very glad that both of you are taking the first step to giving these women freedom and stability-- and I hope that you'll keep me posted on how this goes!

Hot Rocks said...

Thanks Marcea! I feel like I have so much, and these women have virtually nothing.This is just such a small way that I can help. I will keep my readers updated on how things go with this!

Silver Canyons said...

that is fantastic of you!!

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