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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

Every once in a while, I will see a movie that really resonates with me.... for a certain reason it is one that I will really remember for years to come. Whether it is the amazing acting or stunning scenery, the fabulous effects or just a really great story, certain films just stick with me. Some examples of movies that have stayed with me through out the years are, Legends of the Fall, Pride and Prejudice, Walk the Line, Coming Home, and The Notebook.  I just realized that they all have romantic story lines....guess I must be a bit of a romantic! Another movie that I believe is going to be a memorable one for me is
The Adjustment Bureau. My husband, 13 year old son and I, went and saw this on the weekend,  it too has a romantic storyline, but with an interesting element regarding twists of fate. The story is about the future relationship and careers of an up and coming politician, David (Matt Damon), and a rising dancer, Elise (Emily Blunt), who fall in love after a chance meeting. However, the two were not supposed to meet, and their relationship is not in the big plan, so the "adjusters" step in to straighten things out. It was very entertaining and all three of us really enjoyed this movie. We all gave it a big "thumbs up"!
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Anonymous said...

Hey- thanks for putting up my button! Yay.

Haven't seen this one yet, but must now:) Lately I've been watching so weird ones. We just got netflix and they've got such strange movies on the instant. Some are good, but most are just really out there!

BeadedTail said...

This movie sounds really good and I always like anything that Matt Damon is in so we'll have to see it. We watched The Social Network recently and really enjoyed it too.

Catherine said...

Haha ~ I just emailed you and asked it you liked this movie and here you had a review of it on your post! Fantastic!

I for sure want to go see it ~ and well ~ let's just lay it on the table ~ any movie with Matt Damon is going to be good! He's my new celebrity crush. Colin Firth has fallen to #2... hmmm.... that may make a good post for me... ;)

Thanks for the review!
xo Catherine

Catherine said...

And ~ Pride and Prejudice, Walk the Line, The Notebook are some of my favorites too.

The last movie that made my cry and cry was Toy Story 3. Oh my stars.... pass the kleenex please!!

ChatElaine said...

Havent seen anything since the last Harry Potter (big fans in this house) but really want to see the Kings Speech, my Mum went last week and she said it was really good she enjoyed it.

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