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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hazel Village

Yesterday, while doing my blog rounds, I found this very cute Etsy shop, via
A Little Etsy Love. There is a draw going on right now for this extremely adorable little guy, Max Racoon!

  Max, collects bottles, cans, handsome twigs, foodstuffs that the other animals gave him, and pieces of broken dishes that he makes into wind chimes. He also loves your recycle bin!!

  Hazel Village, is a collection of the cutest woodland animals that live around a pond in the forest. The creator, Jane, makes them all from organic fabrics and washable fiberfill, then gives them each a name, and a description regarding their personality and interests. Each one comes with  an article of clothing that can easily be removed. Jane,  sews the fabric on an old industrial sewing machine and then sews all the details on by hand.

So of course I just HAD to enter this giveaway....he is just too cute!  However, I then  went back to this shop,  and bought two of her other very cute creations!

This is Sydney Toad.........

and this is Owen Fox.

 Apparently, Sydney Toad likes to go berry picking and Owen Fox, likes to practice his dance moves in his tree house!

They are coming with me to England, in my suitcase. I bought these cuddly animals for my young neice and nephew that I will be visiting this summer all the way across the big pond! I have yet to meet my sisters twins, and thought that these cute little animals would be a lovely gift. If you are looking for a fabulous gift for some special little person check out Hazel Village, and all the other woodland animals.
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Jane Perala said...

Those are sooooo cute!

BeadedTail said...

Those are adorable! Your niece and nephew are going to love them!

Lin said...

How come that little Raccoon is so adorable and the ones in my yard are NOT? I think I would like these little guys out there instead.

Guess which is my favorite??? Go ahead....guess.

Yep, the frog/toad. :)

Anonymous said...

Susan- Thanks for spreading the word! I felt the same way...Hazel Village is just TOO cute and the artist Jane is just TOO sweet! I bought Juliette Rabbit and then had the idea to ask if she wanted a feature with ALEL. Not only did she want to do a giveaway, but offer us free shipping too! What a sweetie. Hopefully you got in on that free shipping deal! I may have to head back and get one...gulp...for myself;)

Catherine said...

They are so cute! I am sure they will enjoy the ride over the big pond to go live in England!! :)

Hope you are getting some nice weather and that it drifts on over to me! :)

xo Catherine

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