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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Seasons, according to me!

Who decided Spring should begin on March 21st? Someone down in southern California, or Florida, perhaps? To say that Spring arrives in my part of the world in March, is nothing short of comical! Spring is always the season greeted with the most anticipation, after a long winter. March 21st, the first day of Spring comes and goes, and many of us here in the northern hemisphere start to get a little depressed that there are no green shoots bursting out of the ground, no colorful blossoms to be seen....just a sea of white, everything is still asleep. Here in Canada, most of the country is still receiving snow, except for the west coast, which usually has a much milder climate. We get jealous, of our neighbors to the south who start to speak of warm weather and excitedly post photos of crocus and daffodil blooms, on their blogs. What if Spring technically did not start until say......May 21st! Then, we would be fine, we would accept that,  we would have no expectations, AND no disappointments!
So, I have decided it is time to get REAL, and in doing so,  here are the new dates of the  seasons in my part of the world, according to my calendar:

                                       Spring- May 21-June 20

                         Summer- June 21-Aug 20

                              Fall-Aug.21- Oct 20

                           Winter-Oct.21-May 20

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Terry said...

We've had flowers starting to bloom here in Virginia but today I woke up to pouring snow! Beautiful but, yuck! I'm ready to get in the garden!!

Nancy said...

Ew...7 months of winter! Ek- don't get me wrong- Canada is gorgeous, but I donno about that much winter. You've got to be a strong soul to brave that:)

That fall photos is AMAZING though.

Jane Perala said...

LOL - it's time for you to move to the coast Susan!

Lin said...

April brings spring here, so I'd have to shorten your winter by a month, but other than that, I'm with ya, pally!!

BeadedTail said...

LOL, that's pretty funny! I think Catherine would agree with your seasons!

Catherine said...

I think you are onto something friend! If 'spring' wasn't until May 21 it wouldn't be so depressing right? Every country/climate should decided when their first day of spring is. Goodness ~ we celebrate Thanksgiving on different dates ~ why not spring!!

Yup ~ you are one smart cookie!
xo Catherine

sundownbeaddesigns said...

Oh my! That is a terribly short spring and fall...and those are my favorite seasons. We won't even discuss winter! If it makes you feel any better we had snow this past Sunday, and that never happens!
Wishing you an early spring my friend:)

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