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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Family Visit

My brother and his young son just left after a week long visit here from England. I had not seen them for 11 years! It was fun, we had some very cold weather but we still had a nice visit and tried to give them a great Canadian winter experience. We went to a couple of NHL hockey games to see the Calgary Flames, as they are huge hockey fans, and follow the games on T.V overseas. The weather warmed up on Saturday, and we went skating on a lake outside and had our own impromptu family hockey game.

 My nephew had only skated a couple of times, but soon caught on and had a great time.

My youngest granddaughter is also just learning to skate. Here she is with my daughter trying to get involved in the game.

 My husband played goalie.

I too was shooting the pucks, and keeping up with the kids...but no one took pictures of me!
We also braved yesterdays cold and donned our snow shoes and went  snowshoeing around our property. You can see how bundled up my brother and nephew are. In the open areas, the snow was about 3 feet deep! Our snow shoes kept us from sinking down deep in the snow, and we were able to get around easily. I did not realize how deep the snow was back there. We soon worked up a sweat, and got in some good exercise.

 I also had my husband barbecue a couple of meals for us out on the gas grill in minus 25 degree temps! It was a quick visit, but nice to reconnect. Our family is going to England for a long vacation this summer, when I will be able to visit with my other siblings that I also have not seen for several years. Pin It


Jane Perala said...

Sounds like you have been having a great time! All my cousins, etc are also in England. I was back there in about '92, but haven't been able to get back since - maybe one day.

Nancy said... did you grow up in England then? So glad you all enjoyed yourselves even though it was a quick trip! Looks like so much fun getting out and doing cold weather activities!

Hot Rocks said...

Jane, that is neat that you have relatives over in England! I hope you get to visit some day, it is a very interesting country..lots of history.

Nancy, I spent the first 8 years of my life in England, then our whole family moved here to Canada. When I was 18, my parents moved back to England, and I decided to stay here (being the independent kind of person that I am!). My brothers and sisters were all younger than me so they had to go back.

BeadedTail said...

Looks like they had a fun Canadian visit! It's wonderful they were able to come over and that you get to go to England this summer too! I bet you have a really great accent eh? :)

Lin said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun!! Can I come to visit????! :) I love to ice skate, but I can skip the hockey part. Will they let me just skate on the hockey rink??

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