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Monday, March 14, 2011


This summer, our family is going on a five week trip overseas to England and Paris. We are spending 4 weeks in jolly old England, and visiting my family there for part of that time. We figured that if we are already all the way over there, we may as well take the short jaunt across the channel and spend a week in Paris!
So being somewhat of a fashionista, my mind turns to what type of clothes and shoes that will be required for this amazing vacation. I could easily pack 6 or 7 pairs of shoes for a 5 week holiday, especially for spending time in two of the fashion capitals of the world, London and Paris. However, common sense and silly baggage weight limitations, indicate that I have to limit myself in the shoe department. Therefore, the hunt for a pair of shoes that could multi task, was on! After spending a lot of time online, hunting for the perfect pair of summertime shoes for Europe, I found these babies!

These Sam Edelman sandals, are flat and comfortable for walking the streets of London and Paris, yet pretty enough to wear with a sundress or cotton skirt, on the sidewalk patio of a French bistro. Also, definitely cute enough to wear with denim capris or khaki shorts, while strolling through the Cotswolds in England.
Neutral enough to go with almost anything in my wardrobe while still being stylish and super cute!

Next ordinating outfits and staying within the ridiculously low baggage allowance!

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BeadedTail said...

Those shoes are cute but my feet would be killing me in them. I'm so not a fashionista! Remember to leave room in your luggage for new shoes and clothing purchases. :)

Catherine said...

4 weeks in London? Oh you lucky lucky girl! Well make sure your shoes are comfortable for walking and site seeing. We want to see many photos of our trip please! :)

Oh yes, how to fit enough stuff in your bags ~ keep it light and bring lots of new stuff back home! ;)

xo Catherine

Anonymous said...

They are awesome! I love a shoe that can multitask- It's tough to take just one or two! I'm seeing a bunch of browns in your future. Kind of an organizational nut, but when I pack for things like this I try and make all of my outfits either "brown friendly" or "black friendly" so that I can mix and match easier. Usually in my closet black wins!!

P.S....I think I'll use your family's logic for our vacation this year..."So M, we're going to Florida? That's close enough to the Caribbean- let's tack on a cruise!!!" Hehe...think he'll fall for it?

Duni said...

I hope you enjoy your time in London and Paris. Planning a trip there myself (Paris). Good idea to be wearing flats when walking around on all those cobble stones!

brendalou said...

Those shoes are amazing!!!

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