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Monday, May 14, 2012

I've got the music in me!

So did you guess what the focal piece is on this necklace?

It is a record adapter!

Remember, those little discs that you would insert into the large hole of a 45, so that you could play it on your stereo??  I used to have a lot of these but they were made of plastic. Well, this is a metal one. This brand is the first one made and marketed in the US. It was invented by Frank A. Jansen, the patent, #2585622, was applied for in 1949 and issued in 1952 then marketed by the Webster-Chicago Corporation. The reverse side reads “Patent Applied For".

The music beads are handmade out of old music sheets and then shellacked  with a high gloss finish. I also added some vintage  brass  beads and a few tiny Swarovskis for a little bit of bling! Pin It


Anonymous said...

How cool! And that's a lovely shirt too:)

Lin said...

That is VERY cool! What a great idea for a music lover!

Lin said...

That is VERY cool! What a great gift for a music lover. :)

BeadedTail said...

That is way cool! I only remember the plastic ones too. That would be a great conversation piece!

Jane Perala said...

LOL - my guess was sooo way off!

Swapna said...

Love it, Susan ....

Catherine said...

I have never seen a metal one before. Very cool! And I love the sheet music bead. Excellent!
xo Catherine

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