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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tueday Tidbits

-On the weekend we listed some furniture for sale on Kijiji. I cannot believe the email responses that one gets from posting an ad online. One item that I have listed is an antique 1903 dresser, that I listed for $100.00. Within hours, I  had 3 people offer me  $ 60.00, and one offer me $50.00! I mean I will deal, but come on people...isn't that a bit cheap? The other item I have listed is my old coffee table, all the info, measurements etc. are in the guy just emailed me to asked me the dimensions! Good grief people..READ the ad! I can see this is going to be a fun week already!

-  On Saturday, I am participating in an outdoor market, in a town nearby. So I busy preparing for that. Set ups at outside markets are different from inside shows, as one has to consider weather and wind.

 -Last Satuday night, my husband and I attended a concert at our community center. The band "Chilliwack" was performing. They are a great Canadian  rock band from Vancouver, and had many hits in the 70's and 80's. We were up dancing and singing, it was a rockin' good time! know you are getting old, when you look around and everyone at the concert is old!

-The last few days here have been cool and rainy. My patio furniture, that I put out about 10 days ago is just getting wet.

 That's it this week! I must get to work on finishing all the preparations for Saturdays show!

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Lin said...

People just want things for nothing these days. It's almost offensive what they are offering. And if you give it to them, they go out and sell it for $100. Ugh.

It's raining here too. I miss the sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the show! That ad sounds like more of a pain than it's worth!!

Catherine said...

I hate it when people offer rock bottom prices. Honestly. Too funny about the guy wanting to know the dimensions when you wrote it in the add. Duh! LOL!

Chilliwack ~ how fun!!

xo Catherine

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