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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What a crazy week it has been!
                           Daughter #2


-spent the last 10 days at our house, as she was preparing to move out to Vancouver Island, on the west coast.  We spent  a lot of mom and daughter time together last week, before she left. We had a nice shopping day in the city, and she came to  several of my workout classes with me.
We met up with       Daughter #1.....

..... last Wednesday, and went to a fashion show and dinner together, here in my town. We spent a lot of time gabbing, catching up and talking about the future. It was real nice chatting with my girls.

                          Daughter # 3

-turned 22 last Saturday. It was nice speaking with her on the phone on her birthday. She is in Prince George, B.C, with her boyfriend, and will be finishing up her engineering degree this December. I cannot believe how quick these children are growing up!

                       youngest child #4

 My son, just managed to get his first part time job,  at one of the nicest restaurants in town! He is so excited about earning his own money!

                          My husband

 -is almost finished organizing the garage, after spending about a month in there! He was fortunate to find a fellow who is opening up a shop and  has purchased most of his "collections"! 
Our big garage sale is this Saturday.

...and me....I am still preparing for the Vintage Chicks Show, that is quickly approaching in a couple of weeks! I am excited...I love that show.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, daughter #2 is your spitting image! And man, what will you guys do with all of your free space?!?

Giancarlo said...

buona giornata...ciao

Lin said...

It was nice to see your family! What a good looking bunch they are! :)

I agree with how fast they grow up--it seems you blink and they are moving out to college. I'm not sure how I feel about that--the freedom is nice, but gees, I miss them being here.

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