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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday's Tidbits

It's been as crazy week, here at home. Furniture coming and going, preparing for a show and a garage sale....whew I am exhausted!

I managed to sell all the furniture items I had advertised last week, and everyone who eventually came to pick up the items, did not even bother to bargain with me! Wow...after all the crazy offers I was getting in emails, I was super surprised that when the serious buyers showed up and paid full price!

One of the sets of furniture that we sold was my teenage sons bedroom furniture....the stuff he had had since he was a toddler. He had out grown the single bed years ago, but we finally got around to selling it. it was kind of sad to see it go.

The outdoor market that I had been so busily preparing for, was snowed out! Yes...I awoke early Saturday morning to falling snow! What a shame, the organizers and participants had worked so hard to create this event.

When one door shuts, they say another door opens.
While in my town Saturday, picking out movies to rent, (due to the fact that it had snowed and I was unable to go to the market as previously scheduled), my son and I noticed a new shop that had just opened, so we popped in. Turns out that the woman who owns it, is someone who I know from doing the local Christmas shows. She loves my jewelry, and offered me some retail space for rent in her new shop that features local and Canadian artisans. It was a good deal, so yesterday I set up my little Hot Rocks space in her shop....I have to get some photos.

My new coffee table from Restoration Hardware arrived last week, and oh, how I love this table. I like to go and sit on the couch and just look at it.

My husband is still cleaning out all his stuff in the garage, preparing for a community garage sale in a couple of weeks. It is like an episode of Hoarders in there. I am staying well clear of the garage until he is done.

Yesterday it was 26C or around 80F for my American friends, and today will be about 75F...go figure...snow one day, hot the next. I sat outside on my patio furniture yesterday, trying to avoid a wet rear end from sitting on soggy cushions while trying to get a tan!

I have lots of blogs to catch up on, so plan on relaxing a bit and visiting all my blog pals today.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like you all have been so busy with a lot of coming and going lately! Glad you're getting the chance to say out with the old and in with the new. Sorry about the show, but it's wonderful it afforded you the opportunity to sell in a shop!

Catherine said...

We've had some glorious weather as well the last few days. It's the old joke "What comes after 2 days of rain? Monday!" A person should totally work the weekends and take a couple of week days off. Haha.

Glad you made out well in selling your furniture.

Hope you had a relaxing Tuesday!
xo Catherine

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