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Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Creations

Today is all all about just looking at pictures!

 This one is created from an old chauffeurs tag from British Columbia (1967), and lots of pretty vintage beads.

Does anyone know what the center object is on this  necklace?!

 This one uses a vintage dog tag from 1974, a gorgeous Swarovski crystal and a vintage pearl.

Part of a  pretty rhinestone belt buckle,  and vintage chain and  beads are used in this piece.


Another very neat old dog tag (1959), and an old key are used in this  necklace.

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Jane Perala said...

Lovely pieces!
It is hard to see properly in the picture, but I think the center piece you are asking about is one of those "travelling/carry along" type of screwdrivers. The 4 tabs around the outside edge are usually different sizes and widths to accommodate various screws.

Anonymous said...

Wow, such beautiful pieces! I love that dog tag one:)

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