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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cleaning your silver

So now that you have learned all about the different types of silver, you need to know how to care for and clean your silver jewels! The best way to prevent your silver from tarnishing is to keep your items in and airtight container, such as a plastic Ziploc bag, with all the air squeezed out. This prevents the piece from being exposed to the air, which causes tarnishing. Keep the baggies with your jewels, in a dry cool place. The worst place to leave your silver jewels is in a dish in the bathroom as the moist air will cause the jewelry to tarnish quickly. Keeping your silver items in baggies will also help protect your jewelry from rubbing against other items and getting scratched. Silver is a soft metal and can scratch easily! The best way to keep your silver jewelry looking its best is to polish all the silver components with a soft flannel or cotton cloth. You can also use a special silver polishing cloth which has anti tarnish ingredients, that quickly but gently removes any tarnish that has accumulated on your silver. Be careful using these treated cloths near emeralds, pearls, onyx, opal, lapis, malachite, ivory, coral, or 24kt gold.

. To remove any grease or makeup, it is best to use a small amount of dish soap in warm water and then wash your item carefully, rinse and pat dry thoroughly before storing into your baggie. You can also use silver dips, but use them with caution! Any piece of jewelry with gemstones or pearls, should not be dipped in silver cleaner, as it can damage the stones and remove the finish from pearls. Also, if your silver has an oxidized or dark finish on it, the silver dip cleaner can also remove that finish as well. Remember not to wear your jewelry in a swimming pool, as the chemicals will react with your silver! I find that if by wearing my silver jewelry, it tends to stay nice and shiny, and for some reason does not seem to tarnish as quickly as a piece that sits around in my jewelry box! Pin It

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All about Silver.

If you shop for jewelry...and what girl doesn't, you should know the different types of metal used and what you are paying for. Why are some "silver " items so much more expensive than others? It can be confusing for sure, so today I am giving you all a lesson on silver metals. Sometimes you will hear the term "silver tone"used in describing a piece of jewelry. All that silver tone implies, is that the metal used looks like silver, it is a silver color, but there is no real silver content in the metal.

"Silver plated" is when a very thin layer of real silver is bonded to a metal core. Silver plated jewelry is more affordable than sterling silver or fi
ne silver, however, with time and wear, the silver color can rub off. Be careful when shopping, as I have seen items listed as "sterling silver plated"...which can be a bit confusing to the buyer. "Is that silver plated or sterling silver?" It IS silver plated!

"Sterling silver" is least 92.5 % pure, with 7.5% parts of another metal, usually copper, which gives the silver its hardness. When you see an item stamped .925, that is the hallmark of sterling silver. Jewelry made from sterling silver will last a lifetime, although you will need to clean it regularly to prevent tarnish from building up. Silver, reacts with the sulfur or hydrogen
sulfide in the air causing it to tarnish. Although I find that by wearing my sterling silver jewelry, it tends not to tarnish as quickly.

. "Fine silver" is 99.9% pure, and is a very soft metal. Thai silver is a very fine silver,and is very often 97-99% pure. I use sterling silver and fine silver in my jewelry designs. Next time I will discuss caring for your sterling silver jewelry!

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Smoke on the Water

Smoky grays, plums and purples are hot colors for Fall 2009! Accessorize your Fall outfit with this one of a kind handmade chunky bracelet, just listed in my Etsy shop. Named "Smoke on the Water' have to remember that classic tune by the British hard rocking band, Deep Purple.

My son aged 11, learned to play this song in his school band last year. My husband and I attended the school band concert, and when we arrived home after the show, I mentioned to my son that I knew the "Smoke on the Water" song that his band had performed that evening. So I pulled out the Deep Purple Cd, and played the song for him, while I am groovin' to the tunes, (and my son is giving me weird looks! ) Since he had not heard this version, I asked him what he thought of it. He just shrugged his shouldesrs and said he didn't think it was as good as his school bands' version!

I have combined Rainbow obsidian, and spider web agate semi precious stones, with handmade lampwork glass beads, Swarovski crystals, amethyst, freshwater pearls, and Thai Silver beads to create this bracelet with lots of movement. The clasp is a "box style", clasp in which a faceted, vintage Swarovski crystal, is embedded in 925 silver. This beautifully cut crystal clasp really captures and reflects the light. This bracelet will fit an average size wrist of 7" to 7 and 1/2 inches. Pin It

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Well I finally got around to joining Facebook! I am still working out the bugs, and figuring out the personal profile as well as the business page...seems like alot to learn. I would love to hear from other Facebook users, any tips or advice you can give me would be very much welcomed! If you would like to become a fan of Hot Rocks on Facebook, please click on the "Become A Fan" button on the Facebook widget on the right side of this blog. Pin It

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sneak preview of Fall

Recently, I was accepted into a juried art sale that will take place for 3 days in November, in the city of Calgary. The following weekend, I am in another Christmas art sale that is also 3 days. So I have started working on my Fall line of jewelry, that will be offered for sale at these 2 shows. For now, I am not listing these items in my Etsy shop, but thought my readers would like to see what have been working on lately. So today I am featuring some items from the first new group, featuring the unique chunky handmade glass beads of USA artisan, Shannon Westmeyer. Also included in these pieces are vintage beads, onyx, amethyst, handmade copper beads, sterling silver, lemon quartz, obsidian and Swarovski crystals.

I have not yet thought up names for these designs, but I am leaning towards "Industrial Disease", by Dire Straits for this one above . What do you think? Do you think the name is suitable or does it turn you off?
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stop and smell the roses

Well now that I am somewhat rested up, I have had time to review the summer vacation photos. I love to take macro shots, especially of nature, as the photos can reveal things that your eye may not see at the time when you are originally taking the picture. While out for a walk, we usually stroll on by looking straight ahead at the big vistas, and meanwhile there is another world at our feet with a lot of interesting things going on! You know the saying...slow down and smell the roses! Well these aren't exactly roses, but look closely at the beauty of nature, the details captured here in these photos and all that these tiny things have to offer.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Exhausted...but recovering!

Well I survived the mad crazy week, all the company, the baking, the cooking, the housework and the big party for my husbands 50th on Saturday night. To say we had a blast is putting it mildly! I think everyone had a super time. Staying up till 2:30 am dancing, takes awhile to recover at our a few days! I think I was somewhat worn out, as yesterday I came down with a bit of a flu bug, however I am feeling a lot better today. Today, I have listed a few new items in my Etsy shop, as I have been neglecting that lately. Most are designs from the last couple of months that I had made but not yet put into my shop. I am also currently working on some great new Fall pieces, that I hope to share with my readers later this week! I hope to get back into a routine now, and catch up with all my bloggy friends, as well as my Entrecard pals!

Newly listed items in my Etsy shop:
Desert Rose
Summer of '69
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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