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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Alluring- new bracelet cuffs!

For those of you who follow me regularly, you may remember my "Alluring" necklaces from last season.

 Well, I did so well with them at my Fall shows, that I decided to expand that line, and try my hand at some bracelets.

These all started with several big old brass metal fishing lures. However, these are not your average  fishing lures.....these ones have turned pretty with old age and have a beautiful patina.

 First, these lures are cleaned, hammered,  bent into shape, and the patina is protected with layers of wax.

Then comes the fun part of actually designing the cuff bracelet. Playing off of the gorgeous colors in the metal, I chose some vintage lace, from my stash of lace and ribbons, recycled sari silks, leather, beads, and crystals that fit my color scheme. 

Then I added  some special elements, like my hand crafted resin lockets and bezels, to embellish the cuffs. 

This one opens up!

I was pretty happy with how they turned out.  I also made some new Alluring necklaces, and will post about those next time!

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Monday, January 21, 2013

A Losing Battle

I am in the midst of sorry for the sparse posts of late!

This guy recently paid me a visit........

He had a friend with him too..........

They were trying to nuzzle their noses down into the snow and eat my plants, that are hiding beneath several inches of the white stuff.

I went outside onto my deck and started talking to him, asking him why he was eating my plants...and he just stood there firmly, looking at me...not afraid at all!
I went back inside.

Deer =1
Me = 0

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Spring Colors 2013

 January is certainly not my favorite month of the year, it's cold, its dark, and summer seems so far away. However, January gives me time to catch up on life's little things that I never seem to have time to cleaning out a closet or  reorganizing my kitchen pantry. I catch up on my magazine reading, from December...when all those magazines that arrived in the mail ended up in a pile on my desk, because I was too busy to read them.  It's also a good time to plan a summers vacation! The thing I love to do most, however, in the quiet days of January, is to curl up beside the fire with a cup of tea, and do research  on Spring fashion, trending colors and design, and start looking for, and ordering supplies and materials for my jewellery designs.

So I thought you may want a little preview of what the world of fashion and design,.... is all about this year.

Colors for Spring and Summer 2013, are fresh, pretty and uplifting! These are the colors that make you smile. Spring is a season that is less serious than Fall, and its time to have some fun!

Pantones Fashion Color Report for Spring, 2013, mixes brights, such as Emerald Green, (Pantones color of the year) 

or African Violet,

and juicy cheerful colors such as Lemon Zest 

 and Nectarine  

        with  the new neutrals  Grayed Jade,

                                                         and Dusk Blue.

  If you are a little less out going in your fashion combinations, then  feature one of the seasons trendy colors, such as Tender Shoots 

with traditional, classic neutral colors such as Linen 

                                                  and Monaco Blue 

                                                                                                  which is a rich dark navy. 

 Add a touch of Poppy Red to your lips for a pop of Spring color!

 Poppy Red is a true red, which will be seen in fashion  for Spring,  2013. 

I was recently in the women's shop, White House Black Market, where the color Dusk Blue was very prominent  I loved it so much, that I bought a great pair of jeans in this color. I will probably wear them with blush, beige or linen shades and of course white. However, on my brave days, I might add a shot of  mandarin orange with my patent orange or Nectarine sandals!

My  most favorite color out of all these fresh exciting colors for Spring, is the Grayed Jade, so I will be looking for something new in this color to add to my wardrobe this season.

How about you...what is your favorite color for this Spring? 

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Hot Rocks, Hot Sale!

If you ever wanted a one of a kind Hot Rocks piece of jewellery, there is no better time to make that purchase than now.
My end of season clearance sales, run only twice per year, and today is the first day of my Fall/Winter sale. 

Everything in my Etsy boutique is 35%-40% off!

If you don't see that special piece that catches your eye right away, please check back later this weekend, as I will be adding more sale items daily.

This sale is only on for a limited time, as I will soon be listing new designs for the upcoming Spring season.

Happy shopping!

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Welcoming the New Year!

Well, it's probably time to get back to some sort of normal routine after the holiday season. First of all, I need to clear out some of last seasons designs, and start adding some brand new pieces to my Etsy boutique. Therefore, starting on Friday, I will be reopening my Etsy shop, and having a sale on all remaining stock from 2012! The end of season sales are my biggest and hottest sales of the year, and these are bargain prices on Hot Rocks Jewelry!

I have lots to do to prepare for this event, so please check my Facebook page for updates regarding this sale.

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