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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Getting Ready for a Little Spring Bling Fling!

Lately, I have been preparing for a jewellery party, that my daughter is hosting for me at her home in a few weeks. It is a combined party with the very fun ladies from Buckles and Beads, who create fabulous, unique handmade belt buckles. This should be a really fun event! The ladies in attendance, will get to shop these  pieces, made exclusively for this event, they will also be able to get in on some amazing clearance bargains on Hot Rocks Fall and Winter stock, enjoy refreshments, and a enter a door prize! If it is successful, I would love to make it an annual party.  I decided to call  it the Spring Bling Fling! This event is being held on April 14. Then in early May, I am attending the Okotoks Market Square festival, and of course in June, the much anticipated Vintage Chicks Show, in Priddis. I  am also taking some fresh designs  to the boutique, Chateau Country Lace this Saturday. I have been busy, which hopefully explains the lack of posts lately! So here is a little sneak preview of some of the pieces that I have designed exclusively for the Spring Bling Fling Party:

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Friday, March 23, 2012

My Live Model!

My girlfriend from Vancouver Island was in the big city yesterday on a business trip, and like she usually does when she is in town, she comes and visits me. We had not seen each other for a couple of months, so we had a lot of catching up to do in just a few short hours. A little bit of red wine, and some girlfriend gabbing... what a great way to spend an evening. She has always been one of my greatest fans of my jewelry, (like many of my girlfriends), and last night she purchased another Hot Rocks piece to add to her collection! I had only finished this necklace shortly before she arrived, and had not had the opportunity to photograph it. So she modeled it for me, and I got a few shots! 

 I used several vintage chains, and Swarovski crystals to create this statement necklace.

It is nice to have an actual person to model my creations!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The past week has had its share of memorable moments! Let me share..........

Most Admirable Moment:
 Listening to a 61 year old woman from my "Get Ripped" exercise class, telling us how she keeps active and fit by hiking, running, swimming, cycling etc.

Nicest Surprize Moment:
 Finding $3.00 US dollars in an one of my old purses.

Most Shocking Moment:
 While at the mall in the city, hearing a 4 year old telling her mother to F*** You!

Most Sad Moment:
 Finding out that my Dad and step Mom, from England,  cannot come here for any more visits, due to the fact that my step mom (who has been like a real Mom to me since I was 16) has Alzheimers and can no longer travel on a plane.

Most Frustrating Moment:
 Waking up at 3:30 am to go to the bathroom, and not being able to fall back to sleep again. 

Most Intense Moment:
 Watching the season finale of The Walking Dead.

Most Romantic Moment:
 Going to dinner with my husband, to one of the nicest retaurants in our little village ...just the 2 of us, (which does not happen that often, as we have a 14 year old that is normally with us!)

What memorable moments happened to you this week?

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Change is Good!

I spent a few hours this past weekend, updating the look of my blog, as well as the banner in my Etsy Boutique. I wanted to reflect the vintage style of my jewelry designs in the new look, and keep everything consistent.

I also designed some new earring cards.
I hope you like the new changes!

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