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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Westward Ho!!

Winter  still seems to be hanging on. Much of the country is still very cold, and receiving snow....not the kind of weather you think of, when you visualize Spring. 

However, out on the west coast, Spring seems to be alive and well! So I am taking a short break, and heading west, in search of green grass, tulips, and warm weather. 

In the meantime, here are a couple more Hot Rocks Spring designs. 
(My Etsy shop will be closed from March 31- April 9)

      Happy Easter to all of my readers!

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Friday, March 22, 2013

And the medal goes to......A.M.Keith!

I have been busy this week, creating!
I have a lot of new items in my Etsy shop, and still a few more to list, which I hope to get to this weekend.

One of my favorite  newly created pieces, has to be this one.........

This  pendant is actually an English, vintage 1936 sports medal, awarded for running. It is engraved on the back:

I love to think about the person that won this medal for running, in 1936!
A.M.Keith...was it a young woman, or perhaps a young man? Maybe it was just a teen, competing in a school track and field day. What was this persons life like? I just love the history and that mystery behind this wonderful piece! 

 I added a very old piece of hardware, and embellished that with a vintage button earring, made from a faux pearl and some rhinestones. The matte topaz colored beads, are rare vintage Swarovski crystals. 

What a great gift this would make for an athletic runner.
If you are interested in this one of a kind necklace, you can find it here in my Etsy shop.

Have a super weekend!

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Package from France

Last week I received this package from France..........

 It was so beautifully wrapped, that I did not want to open it!
Yes, that is real lavender glued to the tissue paper!

                 Inside were the wonderful vintage French rubber stamps that I ordered.

These were used with a roller handle, rolled in ink, and used to print border designs on linens, that were then embroidered. These ones are from the early 1900's.

You will have to wait and see what I have in store for these pretties!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mother Natures Big Tease

March...almost Spring...or is it??  

That is the game that Mother Nature has been playing with us here over the past couple of weeks. Yesterday was a gorgeous warm Spring like day! People were out and about without their jackets on, the warm sun was shining, and there were puddles everywhere from the melting snow and ice. Today is a different story. Mother Nature has decided that today will be a winter day. We awoke to softly falling snowflakes and about a 17 degree Celsius difference from yesterdays temperature. 

Yesterday, I was dreaming of putting the patio furniture out, thinking of lunches on the deck, and family get togethers outside. Today, I just want to curl up and sit by the fire, and get lost in a good book.

How is the weather in your part of the world? Is it Springtime where you are?   Pin It

Thursday, March 7, 2013


A couple of posts back, I mentioned that I was going to show you more of My Eclectic Home. So today, I am sharing with you, a collection that always makes me smile. Their cute little faces and joyful expressions as well as their pretty colors, will always cheer me up. I have been collecting these anthropomorphic little guys for about 17 years.

Anthropomorphic -adjective\ˌan(t)-thrə-pə-ˈmȯr-fik\

1.: described or thought of as having a human form or human attributes <anthropomorphic deities>

2.: ascribing human characteristics to nonhuman things<anthropomorphic supernaturalism>

                   These are all salt and pepper shakers, mostly fruits and veg, and a few birds and flowers.

The birds in the bottom right hand corner, are not really anthropomorphic, but I liked them, so they are included in the collection.

                 I have some of these cute collectables sitting amongst retro kitchenware....which I also love!

I love these spoon and fork salt and pepper shakers!
Sadly one, of my dill pickle guys had an accident and broke a few months ago. I must admit, I shed a tear when that happened.  I am hoping to eventually find another one. Any of you remember those dotty coffee mugs?

            Very girly..cream and sugar bowls, with a matching string holder in the background.


             Matching cookie jar, and S&P shakers. I found these separately from the girls above.


      More, love, love, these strawberries! 
Sugar bowl and s&p shakers. 
(There must be a matching cream jug out there.)

So which ones are your favorites?

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Market Recap

I really enjoyed my day at the Okotoks Artisan Market. A few familiar faces stopped by to visit, and take home some new Hot Rocks jewellery, and I enjoyed chatting to many new admirers and customers. There was plenty of live entertainment at the market, and we enjoyed watching Zumba dancers, and Karate demos. There were also some wonderful musicians, and we heard everything, from blues and country to  classic rock. There was also a very talented harpist that took the stage, and played some very angelic music.  I will be back at this market, on May the 4th.

We also had a huge dump of snow yesterday. Everything is covered with a very thick blanket of the white stuff. Looks like Spring is still a way off.  Pin It

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