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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I am racking my brain for cost effective ways to return to Kauai and stay for several months! Wow...what a gorgeous island! It is very difficult returning to snow and cold weather after living the life on the south Pacific island of Kauai, Hi. I can see why people go there, give up their life back on the mainland and never return home. As a Canadian, I can go and stay for up to 6 months....that will just about cover the winter and do me just fine. I could be a snowbird and spend my winters there no problem! There is something to be said for living a simple life in paradise. Well for now its back to the routine...however with many tropical influenced inspirations running around my brain.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

I am busy packing and preparing for our little get away, so today I am introducing you to some of the fabulous shops that I have recently found on Etsy.

From the Waughdrobe
Handmade, Vintage Inspired,one of a kind hats, fascinators, jewelry & accessories. I love her shop...but I am especially  drooling over her gorgeous hats!

Handmade, crocheted accessories from JustColor. LOVE this adorable purse!

treehouse28 is definitely high up on my list of the next place to purchase some unique and comfortable clothing!

P.S Hot Rocks on Etsy will be closed from Feb. 14- 28. I will reopen in March with fresh new designs for Spring. Pin It

Thursday, February 9, 2012

World Traveler

 Are you a world traveller? If so, then this is the necklace for you!This necklace started with this very cool vintage double sided opisometer....what is an opisometer you ask? Well an opisometer is an instrument for measuring the curved lines on a map. It has a tiny wheel, that when moved along roads or rivers on a map it measures the distance....this one measures  in miles.

I then added the equally cool "map beads" that are handmade with actual  vintage recycled Ordnance Survey maps, by British artist, Gillian McMurray.  These beads are just fabulous, they are coated with thick embossing enamel, and then the tips are finished with gold embossing powder.


World travels would not be complete without a visit to France and therefore I have added a worn antique French worn that the date reads 186......... cannot read the last number...but it is old! You get a souvenir of my home country, Canada,  which comes in the form of a beautiful vintage brass metal button. There is a pretty sterling silver, pineapple charm from exotic Thailand, and the gorgeous sparkling Swarovski crystal is of course....from Austria! Finally who couldn't resist visiting Cuyahoga, Ohio and getting this brass tag from 1966!


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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Tropical Paradise Awaits!

Only eight more sleeps and I am off to the south Pacific island of Kauai! If you don't know by now, I am not a "winter person".  I don't embrace the cold, I am not one of those people that gets excited when it starts to snow...well, except for a few weeks in December, around Christmas time. (A  snowy white Christmas is always picture perfect!) Therefore,  as I tell my husband each year, it is good for my soul to have a few days, where I can have a  small taste of summer in the middle of old man winter! Although this winter has been extremely Canadian standards....., I am more than ready to explore the warmth of Kauai.  Having been to Maui several times, and loved it, we are now ready to have an adventure on one of the other Hawaiian islands. I always find it amazing that one can leave behind the cold, crisp winter air, step onto a plane, and within hours be able to slip on your flip flops, and be lying on a warm sandy beach listening to the waves crash onto the shore.

 For ten glorious days, I will not have to think about jackets, mitts, boots or scraping ice and snow from the windshield of my car.  I love the fact that it is always so easy to pack for a tropical vacay...there is no second guessing what to bring in your suitcase, because you always know what the weather will be! There is something very therapeutic, about digging out your summer clothes from the depths of your closet the middle of February! When I return, it will be almost March, and the worst of our long Canadian winter will be behind us, and I can look forward to the warmer weather......... which should arrive sometime in May!

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vintage Valentines

I have a weak heart, when it comes to  things  from the past!  Whether it be nostalgic, vintage, rustic or shabby, I find things from a bygone era very appealing. I love my collection of vintage salt and pepper shakers, creamers and sugar bowls ...consisting  of fruits,  vegetables,   and flowers....  with faces, known as anthropomorphic! I have a small collection of linens  from days gone by,  a couple of old black Bakelite  telephones, a vintage mirrors hangs on my  powder room wall,  I have vintage kitchenware, antique photos and books and a few pieces of vintage furniture scattered through out my home. So, because we are now into February....the month of love, I thought I would share with you some cute vintage Valentines cards that I found online.
You can find these cute images and more at 
 Vintage Holiday Crafts.

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