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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mid Year Update

One of my New Years resolutions, was to  plan on learning and adding some new techniques to my jewellery designs. I wanted to learn how to do some riveting, to experiment with resin, to incorporate leather into some of my creations, as well as working with embellished metal.
  So, since we are about half way through the year, I thought I would see how  I am doing with those goals!

I have enjoyed making some resin pendants........

The resin is a bit stinky, to say the least, but it is fun to create one of a kind pendants.

I have also enjoyed making leather cuff bracelets,  drilling holes in bits and pieces and then riveting the objects to the leather.

I  have not yet learned metal embellishing techniques, but I am hoping, that I can squeeze a class in, sometime in September.

I also just found out that I was accepted into the  Calgary Waldorf Festival of Joy, in November! This is a juried show, and I had to submit photos of my work etc., so I was thrilled to get in!

I have closed my Etsy shop for the summer, so that I can spend time with my family, and slowly start working on new pieces for Fall. 

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesdays Tidbits

Last week was another busy week, with all kinds of events that kept me running from one place to the next! I had a couple of big jewellery orders that needed to be packed up and delivered  or mailed to different boutiques, my son had his Grade 8 graduation, and of course it was Fathers Day.

I cannot believe my youngest child is off to high school next year! I think the kids all had fun on Friday night at their grad ceremony. Many of the Moms, including myself, helped decorate and transform the community hall into a party  like atmosphere filled with red balloons, and black and gold decorations suitable for a wonderful celebration for the kids. They had a nice meal, and danced to a DJ, while teachers and  many other parents, including my husband, helped supervise. It was so nice to see the kids that we have known since kindergarten, all dressed up and become such great teens.

I attended the customer appreciation  event at THE  local fashion boutique, on Thursday, and was asked to be their "real" model for their  Facebook  page this week. So that was fun! I got to model beautiful clothes, while snacking on sushi and sipping champagne!

What a great Dad! (my husband)
We celebrated fathers day with an old fashioned picnic in the park near our place. The grand kids and my son were not allowed to have their phones on that day, and instead we played Frisbee, horseshoes, and Bocci ball.  The kids played in the trees, and we also went for a little hike down to the river.


Picking dandelions.

Chilling with Grandpa.

 We ended the day with a stop at the ice cream shack, where they even had sugar free ice cream for me! It was a fun day, and we decided that we have to do that more often...its great for the kids!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Vintage Chicks Sale was amazing! It was so much fun seeing all the creative booth setups and displays, and meeting the vendors at this annual event. So for those of you wo were too far away to attend, I am posting photos for your viewing pleasure...enjoy!


The Peacocks Feather

Wow and Then

Wow and Then

Wow and Then

la Ta Da

la Ta Da

My Booth!!

Me again! Hot Rocks

All About Toile
la Ta Da

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Friday, June 8, 2012

The Vintage Chicks Sale 2012

Well, I am all set up for the Vintage Chicks Sale, my booth brimming with lots of new designs!
I will be sure to take lots of photos  at the show and have them for those of you to see who are too far away to attend.

 Here are a couple of the latest pieces coming to the show with me.

Butterfly Garden

Catholic Girl

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Making Memories

Last week, we had our two granddaughters stay with us while my daughter and her husband took a little break and went to Vegas. I knew that I had to keep them busy, so I had plenty of activities planned for them during their stay at Grandmas. We made Kool Aid play-dough...twice, we baked muffins from scratch, did some gardening, did some fancy finger nail painting, had trips to the ice cream shop, and we packed a picnic lunch and went on a nice little hike.

I thought I would share some photos of our hike together.


We started up the trail and walked through the forest....

and crossed the bridge.

 We saw a lot of very interesting rocks near the river.

We saw the tiniest flowers growing right next to the rocks. 

 The river was beautiful!


We sat on the rocks and ate our lunch, while listening to the river.

 We saw some trees that the beavers had chewed down.

The forest was very peaceful.

There was a great view of the river from up high on the hill.

 My youngest granddaughter found a heart shaped rock to give to Mommy, and carried it all the way back to the car! ( Grandma helped part of the way.)

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