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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In the last couple of days I have received some new beads in the mail that I recently ordered, so today will be spent getting creative with my new little friends! I received some wonderful German vintage lucite flowers and leaves, as well as some fabulous artisan lampwork beads from Angela at Bedford Beadworks! I have been trying to get my hands on her beads for quite some time now, but as soon as she lists her beads for sale, they sell out in an instant! So just goes to show you how great her beads are. There are a few fantastic lampwork artisans that are like that...their beads have wings and just fly out of their shops! So it makes it really hard to get them. Anyhow, I am off to the studio to create some new designs with these ...and I will let you know the outcome later! Pin It

Monday, April 28, 2008

Blushing Brides- May- Erin

Erin, is the first lovely lady to be featured in my series called Blushing Brides. She was kind enough to send me these beautiful photos of her wedding day, and also some pictures of the jewelry that I had made for her, and her bridesmaids. This is what Erin had to say.“The day was actually really great. The weather cooperated, and everyone was really laid back and generally just happy to be able to get together for the occasion. We had a bunch of comments on the jewellery, and every piece really suited the person it ended up going to. The bridesmaids still wear theirs quite often, just on a day-to-day basis. The one you made for me is a little fancy for day-to-day, but I’ve worn it a few times since the wedding – to our Christmas party, out to dinner a couple of times, and while we were on vacation last month in Costa Rica.

Overall, everyone was really impressed with all of the jewellery. It was great that you were so accommodating about the jewellery that we had made for my mom (and on such short notice! Hahaha.) She really liked hers, as well. Enough that dad bought her another piece at Christmas. I’m glad that it was all so unique, but went together so well at the same time. It made for a really special gift for my girls, and jewellery for myself that I know I’m going to love for years.”
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Friday, April 25, 2008

Blushing brides coming soon......

Next week, I will be posting the first feature in my series called Blushing Brides! My first stunning bride is Erin...stay tuned! Pin It

Maui Dreamin"

Maui dreamin' on such a winters day! Oh is it Spring?? Sorry, you could have fooled me. As I look out my window I see a thick blanket of snow on the ground, and snow on the spruce trees that surround my home, but at least it is sunny at the moment. This morning it was snowing on and off, and I couldn't help but wish that I were back in Maui. I was fortunate enough to go to Maui for the second time in two years this past February, and I could go back a thousand more times! The perfect climate, the most beautiful beaches in the world, the flowers, the whales and the turtles, and the people are always so nice. I would live there in a heartbeat if I was an American citizen. Oh, I know its expensive to live there...but what a place to spend your life in! For me winter is now in its seventh month...that is... 7 months!!! While on my vacation there, I was inspired by the ocean, and when I returned home I designed this bracelet. Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention that the southsea shell pearls that are used in this bracelet, were purchased while I was in Maui. Yep, I cannot go anywhere without trying to bring home some more beads!
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bead addiction

Hello, my name is Susan, and I am addicted ….to beads! Bead collecting, vintage beads, bead buying, online bead sites, lampwork artists bead sites, you name it …I have a problem! For those of you who make jewelry, have you ever gone online to a bead store and you were just going to buy one or two things that you needed, because you really did need them, and then you get there, and you start checking out all the different categories. Well you decide if you are going to pay the shipping anyway, you might as well get a few extras, and before you know it your cart is overflowing with all kinds of goodies! I find vintage bead sites are the death of me! Those uncirculated 50 or 60 year old vintage Swarovski crystals are like candy, and I am the kid in the candy store. I just can’t get enough, and the photos always look sooo good! The lampwork artist sites are almost as bad…er good?! They are always such delicious works of art, I can hardly restrain myself! The only thing that saves me there is the fact that a lot of them sell out very quickly, so sometimes I miss out, and I save my money. Other times, I know that if I DON’T buy their luscious beads right away…then I will miss the opportunity to own them, and lets face it a lot of these artisan lampwork beads are one of a kind! Then they arrive in the mail, and its Christmas all over again. Such a thrill, oooh… they look even BETTER than they did on the computer screen! Such joy! Pin It

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Betty and Lucy

Today I am introducing you to Lucy and Betty. These are my two Hot Rocks retro mannequins, with fiery red hair. Lucy is the one with the pout, she wears a lot of the more elegant styles that I create, and Betty is the one who is always smiling! She is great at modeling the more casual, and funky styles. These gals work hard, and are used to having fabrics and material draped around them, a variety of props rubbing against them and being turned and twisted in many a direction, just to get the right shot. On their days off, they love to hang out in my studio, and watch me work. Lately they have been looking out for some hands, so that they can start modeling the bracelets as well. Hopefully we will be able to find some! You can see all the cool necklaces that these girls model here.
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Recently, on a creative evening, I was playing around with my materials, and started wiring together various beads, chain and wire and ended up with a rather unique looking floral pendant, quite by accident! The pendant sat on my desk for several days before I finally got around to completing this necklace. I think this would be so pretty as the finishing touch to a brides gown. It certainly has an organic feel, and reminds me of a heirloom cottage garden. I used some very delicate vintage lucite frosted flowers, woven between pink hearts of Venetian glass, pink quartz and Swarovski crystals. There are also some very cool texturized vintage beads in an antique rose color, on the part of the necklace that goes around your neck. I will be listing this in my store later today. Oh yes, I will have to come up with a name for it...mmmm what song?
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Monday, April 21, 2008

Venetian and Murano glass beads

As I mentioned last week, I will be doing a series on the different types of beads that I use in my jewelry designs. This week I am featuring fabulous Venetian and Murano glass beads! Venetian and Murano glass beads are gorgeous beads that are individually handmade by skilled artisans from the island of Murano, near Venice, Italy, using techniques that are several hundred years old. Murano glass blowers and lampworkers produce some of the most beautiful glass in the world. The technique of lampworking is used to make each Murano bead individually therefore no two beads are ever exactly alike! Glass rods are melted and the bead is formed around a metal mandrel, then cooled slowly, and removed from the rod, which leaves the hole for stringing the bead. These usually contain thin layers or flecks of precious metals such as .925 silver, 24K gold or white gold foil, submerged between layers of crystal clear glass, giving wonderful depth and a shimmering effect. Venetian glass beads are light weight, hollow, mouth blown beads that contain swirls or stripes of color. These beads come in many shapes and sizes. Beware of cheaper imitations, and remember you get what you pay for. These will take your breath away! I will have some of my designs featuring these beads, up in my Etsy store this week. Please check them out, the beads are stunning!
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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cold and snowy Spring in the Rockies

On Friday we left home and drove about an hour and a half through a Springtime blizzard to Banff, to take the family skiing! Needless to say the drive was a bit nerve wracking, with extremely poor visibility at times, but we made it in one piece. The weather was unseasonably cold in Banff for this time of year, and there was a ton of freshly fallen snow! My husband kept commenting on how pretty everything looked, and it did look like a winter wonderland, especially at night with the lights sparkling on the snow. However, I think I would have been more appreciative, had it been December, or January even! Spring just doesn't really happen here in my neck of the woods. We just go from Winter to Summer. Anyhow, in light of the weather, I thought I would feature these two fresh cool designs in white this week. Perfect for brides looking for that final touch for their wedding day, or to just freshen up your Spring and summer wardrobe! Check out my store for more pictures and prices on these two items. Pin It

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Celebrate With Style

Well, today I am so excited, because I am featured in the Mothers Day boutique, in the new online magazine, Celebrate With Style!
It is a beautiful site, with fantastic information about fashion, food, party ideas, weddings, family, decor etc. check it out! Visit the Celebration Boutique, where you can shop for beautiful handcrafted items from some very talented people.

Next week I am going to start a series about the different elements that make up my jewelry. I will have some in depth information, on the different beads and materials that go into making my pieces , such as lampwork beads, silver, Swarovski crystlas, Venetian glass, and vintage beads. Have a wonderful weekend. I am off tomorrow to do some skiing. So until then...
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mothers Day

As Mothers Day approaches, I am reminded of this little tidbit, that a friend of mine sent me a few years ago. As a parent, I can totally relate!! Enjoy!

If you are looking for unique handcrafted jewelry for Mothers Day , please check out my store;

Mean Moms
Someday when my children are old enough to understand the logic that motivates a parent,
I will tell them, as my Mean Mom told me:

I loved you enough . . . to ask where you were going, with whom, and what time you would be home.
I loved you enough to be silent and let you discover that your new best friend was a creep.I loved you enough to stand over you for two hours while you cleaned your room, a job that should have taken 15 minutes.
I loved you enough to let you see anger, disappointment, and tears in my eyes.
Children must learn that their parents aren't perfect.

I loved you enough to let you assume the responsibility for your actions even when the penalties were so harsh they almost broke my heart.
But most of all, I loved you enough . . . to say NO when I knew you would hate me for it. Those were the most difficult battles of all. I'm glad I won them, because in the end you won, too. Someday when your children are old enough to understand the logic that motivates parents, you will tell them.
Was your Mom mean? I know mine was. We had the meanest mother in the whole world! While other kids ate candy for breakfast, we had to have cereal, eggs, and toast. When others had a Pepsi and a Twinkie for lunch, we had to eat sandwiches. And you can guess our mother fixed us a dinner that was different from what other kids had, too. Mother insisted on knowing where we were at all times. You'd think we were convicts in a prison.
She had to know who our friends were, and what we were doing with them. She insisted that if we said we would be gone for an hour,we would be gone for an hour or less. We were ashamed to admit it, but she had the nerve to break the Child Labor Laws by making us work.
We had to wash the dishes, make the beds, learn to cook, vacuum the floor, do laundry, empty the trash and all sorts of cruel jobs. I think she would lie awake at night thinking of more things for us to do. She always insisted on us telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
By the time we were teenagers, she could read our minds and had eyes in the back of her head.
Then, life was really tough! Because of our mother we missed out on lots of things other kids experienced.
None of us have ever been caught shoplifting, vandalizing others' property or ever arrested for any crime. It was all her fault. Now that we have left home, we are all educated, honest adults.
We are doing our best to be mean parents just like Mom was.

I think that is what's wrong with the world today.It just doesn't have enough mean moms!
Author Unknown

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finally got around to getting this blog up and runnin'!

Hi there,

Well I finally got around to getting this blog going! I have decided to put more effort into my business online, as that seems to be where all the action is these days. So it just finished snowing here....again!! Where is Spring, anyway? So I guess that gives me more inside time to get creative with my jewelry. Please check out my latest designs in my etsy shop:
Talk to you soon!
Susan Pin It

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