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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Last Thursday, many towns and villages in southern Alberta, as well as the city of Calgary experienced the worst natural disaster, that this area has seen in our history. Enormous amounts of rain, combined with the spring snow melt caused massive flooding. My little hamlet of Bragg Creek experienced a flash flood, that had many people running for their lives as the streets turned to raging rivers. Many had to be  rescued.  the river tore through our pretty peaceful town in the foothills with such a raging force, that many parts of town  look like a tidal wave went through it.  Two homes were tore away from the bank, floated down the river and smashed into the bridge. The main bridge was closed to traffic and people, and our house situated on the opposite side, along with hundreds of other homes were cut off from everything for 2 days. The good news is that most of us on this side, were far enough from the river, that we were all fine. 

On Saturday morning when the evacuees were allowed back into the town, and the bridge reopened, we all showed up to start the massive task of cleaning up.  My family spent 3 days at the restaurant were my son worked as a busboy for the past year. The owners had always treated him like their own, so we focused our efforts there, aas well as their home which was directly behind the restaurant.  The river had come directly through their property and business. The water level reached over 6 feet high, and the mud that remained in the restaurant was about 4 feet deep. The house was a mess as well. Keep in mind that these were not water front properties and were set way back from the river. The river changed course and came through the center  town. Both places will be bulldozed, there was no way you could ever clean that up. so we hauled everything out of both places, which took us 3 days, of wading through the mud, and salvaging what we could for them. 

The back of the restaurant on the left, home on the right

In happier times

 Another place that was devastated was the Trading Post, a place that had existed since the 1930s, by settler T. J. Eldson, who traded with the Stoney Indians. Part of this building is where the current owners live, and the front  was the actual store.

Here is how it looked on Friday.

We saw what was left of it yesterday. The road is gone, and now only river flows there.

There are so much sadness here, in our beautiful part of the country. Our town and the areas surrounding it will be forever changed. 
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Friday, June 14, 2013

Vintage With Flair! Priddis Alberta

Only one week left until my last show before I take a break for the summer. I do believe that I am finally almost ready.

 What makes this show truly unique, are the vendors booths. We are not allowed to use the traditional 6 foot or 8 foot tables...we have to be creative with our setups. Some of you may of heard of the very successful Farm Chicks Show, that takes place annually in Spokane.....well this show is similar to that event.Everything in this show, has to have a vintage or retro theme. So you will see repurposed items, shabby chic, industrial and rustic home decor, unique old garden items, handmade flea market style pieces, vintage fashion and antique collectables.

So here is a sneak peak of what my booth will consist of.

After gathering display items from around my house and garage, I have put together a display that will be the back drop for my Hot Rocks jewels.

These earrings are created with old chandelier crystals.

 I always do a mock set up at home, then dismantle everything, and set it up all over again at the venue. 


         I backed  this old picture frame with cork board. It makes a great display for earrings.

  My collection of busts and mannequins, vintage lace, old suitcases and books.

For all you locals the event is next Friday June 21, 4-8pm, and Sat. June 22- 9am-4pm, in Priddis Ab.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Wraps, Backs and Grads!

It's been awhile since I've blogged, sometimes life just gets busy!

We had a daughter graduate from university, and are now proud parents of a budding environmental engineer!

Since the weather has now warmed up, I have been busy in the garden , trying to do all the cleanup of dead growth from the winter, and preparing the garden for summer enjoyment.

As well I am preparing for  my favorite show of the year, Vintage with Flair  (formerly known as Vintage Chicks)which is just 11 days away. 

So I have been severely slacking in the blogging department, both here on my own blog, as well as all my  buddies' blogs!

But...I have been working hard, so hard that I've managed to do something to my lower back! I think its a result of being too aggressive in my spin class, and now I'm paying the price, hobbling around, with ice packs and taking Robax. I detest taking pills, so I am only taking them when absolutely necessary. 

In the meantime I have been making several wrap bracelets. Wrap bracelets are really hot right now, but I've added my vintage spin on things, so mine are a bit different than the rest out there.

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