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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spring Fashion Forcast 2009

With the weather outside being cold, and with several feet of snow covering the ground, my mind wanders to the warm days of Spring and fresh new beginnings. I know that Spring is still along ways off, however not too early to start thinking about Spring fashion and if you design jewelry, scarves, handbags etc. you need to start planning out the items you want to create...soon! So after a bit of research into Spring 2009, here's what I found out;

Jewelry- is still very big, bold, chunky and ornate, with women shopping for stand out statement pieces that are unique to update their current wardrobe. Ethnic inspired designs, and exotic rich colors are key. Over the top, and ornate pieces especially in necklaces and bracelets.

Scarves- tye dyed or dip dyed; zig zag patterns, fringes

Purses- fringes are big

Colors- nude shades (blush, pale peach, tan), faded or sunbleached vegetable dyes, bright yummy fruity colors, vibrant clear blues and greens and hot pinks, metallics, sorbet colors (lemon yellow)

Fabrics: organic cottons, hemp, bamboo, patchwork, embroidered, sheers are huge, burned out fabrics, girly prints featuring butterlies, big polka dots and florals..of course!

Styles- asymmetrical off the shoulder dresses and tops, romantic and fantasy styles, fringes everywhere, "the little white dress", jumpsuits (not sure about this one!),

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ChatElaine said...

Very interesting these are worldwide or are they just your neck of the woods!!! Gosh that 3rd picture down reminds me of when I was younger, oh how fashions return, eh!!! What I want to know is how do you find your info in magazines or the net??

Hot Rocks said...

Hi ChatElaine...Yes those are worldwide trends, according to my sources from both the internet and fashion mags. The colors are from the Pantone 2009 Spring forecast.

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